Replica Or Fake Watches:What you really need to know.

Replica watches are only external copies of brand name watches built with inferior materials. The case, glass and strap of the watch may look identical but are usually much inferior in quality. In poor replica’s the case may even be tin plate chromed instead of high grade steel. Steel used in some replicas are softer thus tending to scratch easier.Chromed items may discolour after a short time. The glass face also tend to be less scratch resistant. The strap will most certainly be of inferior quality,especially leather straps.Externally the watch may look identical but it will not last as long as the original.You’ll have a watch that looks great when new but won’t last long. As for the internal parts, this is where the difference is enormous.The original brand watches usually have expensive swiss made or in house made movements. Replica’s in general use china made replica’s of these mechanisms, of poor quality and poor time keeping. Sub- mariner replica’s are usually Not water resistant to any depth so can’t perform the same function. It is very rare to find a replica watch with a genuine swiss made mechanical or automatic movement, as these can cost from $150 to $500 alone to buy, a good giapponese quartz mechanism can cost between$50 and $100, and the china made copies of mechanical mechanisms around$30.If your replica watch is retailing at $150 don’t expect too much from the internals. Even the more expensive replicas wont give you so much of that extra quality.Replica watches don’t pretend to be anywhere near the quality  of the original, only in appearance.Fake watches on the other hand are different from replica’s as they try to trick you into thinking they are the real thing,both internally and externally.Copied very accurately and needing an expert eye to tell the difference, unscrupulous dealers try to palm these off as the original brand watch.This is why fake watches are illegal because they are being sold for something they’re not.Fraud.Replica watches are not out to cheat you, and therefore can be sold freely as they are infringements on copywright laws.The laws on replica watches can vary from nation to nation, so if your traveling to another nation wearing a replica watch, you have to be careful  that your not mistaken for importing a fake watch into that country.To be safe it’s best to leave replica watches at home.Airport customs are very strict on the importation of fake watches.Another drawback to replica watches is that , say to have the battery changed, or watch repaired, you cannot take it to authorized watchrepairers .You have to find an independant repairer or change the battery yourself.As you can see there are many drawbacks to replica watches and as i see it, if you can’t afford the new original, try looking for a good second hand used model, as this will always maintain its value,and end up being a better buy.If your still set on buying a replica watch, there are a few things  to do before buying, to ensure that the money you spend is protected.Only pay using paypal or credit card(if you dont receive watch, you can claim easily your refund.). Only buy from well established vendors online and check their credentials, recessions and as much info as possible on what your buying. Ask the vendor to send you all the details on the watch by email.Don’t buy just by looking at the ad photo,look at all the available photos. Check the returns policy carefully .Ask as many questions as you need before buying, so as to avoid dissappointments.There are many online sites for these watches, that you can check out(http://www.perfectwatches.hk  and others).

Apple watch.It’s Here

(USA only)

the differences between the Apple Watch Sport and the Apple Watch at the bottom of this review.

The question that I seem to hear is “what’s the point? I already have an iPhone that can do everything the Watch can do.” Yes, it can, but the Watch is not made to replace your iPhone, it is meant to compliment it. The idea is to ease the interactions with your phone and potentially make you use your phone less (yes, it may be paradoxical to have another piece of technology to get you to use other technology less.)
Note: I have found myself using my phone less.

The Apple Watch is there to connect you to the digital world in a more seamless manner. I value my time and while it may sound lazy (or even dumb) checking a text message on your watch is incredibly convenient. I get “tapped” on my wrist, decide if a notification is worth my attention in that moment, glance at my watch, see whatever notification it was, and I go from there. I no longer check my phone for notifications, or leave it out at lunch, if it’s important I know it’ll go to my Watch and I know I can check it at a glance.

Apple’s built in features work great. I have used voice dictation to respond to texts multiple times and no (major) mistakes have been made. Apple Pay has yet to failed on me and swiping my wrist to pay is very convenient. Controlling music from your watch, or even putting music on the watch for a run works great (2GB of memory can be used for music.)

I have never used a fitness tracker so I cannot compare an Apple Watch to something such as a Fitbit, but the fitness tracking has worked well for me. It’s nice having access to the information like how much you’ve walked, or calories burned on a device that looks nice and not like a fitness tracker.

The battery life has been better than expected and after a day of normal use I am often in the 40-50% range. The watch is very light and has a good weight on my wrist. I know it is there, but it doesn’t bother me at all. It is very water resistant (I’ve ran it under the sink and there are videos of people submerging them) and scratch resistant. I have no worries about using the watch in my every day life and I do not take it off while hiking/playing basketball/whatever. I am very happy with choosing the 38MM version of the 42MM version. I find the 42MM version looks more like a giant screen on your wrist and is not at all subtle; the 38MM on the other hand sits nicely, is big enough to use, but does not look bulky. Also, I purchased the Apple Watch (not the sport) for my mom and I do like the look of that version more. While I would not buy it due to the easily scratch-able steel, it looks more like a nicer piece of jewelry (not that the sport doesn’t, but it’s just nicer.)

Watch faces are rather sub-par right now and your selection is quite limited. I use the modular face, but hopefully Apple will open up the API for developers to create third party watch faces later this year. Third party apps are also currently lacking and they often load very slow. This is likely due to them currently being held on your phone and being sent to your watch via bluetooth. Once apps are able to be stored on your watch, it is likely they will run faster (note: referring to third party apps, apps built on the watch run seamlessly.)

Some Points:
– The watch is definitely not needed, but it is a nice accessory for your iPhone
– Apple’s built in functions work flawlessly
– The watch is still a watch, do not expect it to be able to do everything a phone can
– Fitness functionality works well.
– The battery life is great. I use it moderately and I have yet to have it drop below 40% on a full day
– Is very life resistant (water/scratch/so forth)
– Third party is lacking (watch faces & apps)

All in all, I like the design of it and I like the features it brings alongside your typical watch. It is definitely not a needed accessory, but I am happy with my purchase and would suggest it to someone that likes the design and would like some extra features to their typical watch.

Differences between Apple Watch Sport and the Apple Watch:
The actual functionality of the watches are identical and the differences come down to the screen and casing used.
The Apple Watch Sport’s screen is made out of Ion X glass (is around a 7-7.5 on Mor’s Scale of Hardness)
The Apple Watch’s screen is made out of Sapphire (around an 8 on Mor’s Scale of Hardness)

What’s that mean? Sapphire is the second hardest clear material only second to diamond and it is practically impossible to scratch in everyday activity. The Sport version is slightly easier to scratch, but due to the material differences it weighs less.

As for the casing, the Apple Watch is made out of Stainless Steel and the Sport is made out of Aluminum. I think the stainless steel version looks nicer and more like a piece of jewelry, but that metal is also easier to scratch (opposed to aluminum.) The differences are minute and it’s whether you would like to justify the extra $200 for a prettier case and a slightly harder screen. If I was focused heavier on the Watch aesthetics, I would purchase the Apple Watch. If I want a good looking watch that I do not feel pressured to take off when I do sports and the like (which I do), I would choose the sport (which I did.)


The cheapest watches on sale are produced in China, and to get the best deals on these watches buy from chinese wholesalers.Check these  two advertisers to find incredibly low priced watches.
This watch uses bright color and environmental friendly silicone wristband with 3 ATM water resistant and date display. It is fashionable and individualized.

Not found anything you like? Another place to try is AMAZON.COM.Use the carousel display on the right to take you there.


Tourbillon is the name of a type of watch mechanism, invented by A.L.Breguet(1801). A mechanism to counteract the negative effects of gravity on timepeices, resulting in a more accurate and regular movement.The principle of this type of watch is that the watch regulator parts are inserted in a structure that revolves around itself, generally once a minute.This type of movement is used on some of the most beautiful and expensive watches on the market today.Since this movement is beautiful to watch,the mechanism is usually visible in a window on the face side of the watch.Similar but not to be confused with skeleton watches.

Tourbillon watches are mechanical watches with manual or automatic winding mechanisms.Immitation tourbillon have quartz movements inside and immitation front view window

The swiss made and manufacturer in house tourbillon mechanisms are only found on the top end market for watches with prices very high.There are only a few mid price range watch manufacturers using swiss parts with prices around $6000.

For watches with real tourbillon mechanisms under $1500 the choice is limited to only a few manufacturers.These will have in general good quality parts with japanese or chinese origin.


Another source of good quality tourbillon watches is from china from a few expert quality manufacturers such as ‘Perpetual’ and    ‘Longio’.With prices around $1000.They are much in demand and hard to get hold of

.Another source is the replica watch market but these tend to have  the chinese inferior quality mechanisms ,which is to be expected when prices are under $300.

All other watches that say they are turbillon and are under $100 are only skeleton or open heart watches and not tourbillon mechanisms

Watch Phone

The watch phone. Will it replace your normal wristwatch? Things are changing rapidly.They are no longer just mini cell phones strapped to your wrist, but valid looking watches or bracelet watches with phone capabilities of their own or linked to your normal smartphone.Since these watches are becoming more fashion conscious in their design, they are rapidly increasing in demand.The bulky digital style watch will fade away and in its place will be elegant designer phone watches or bracelet type phone watches.

The main problem that phone watches cannot overcome, to replace smartphones completely is the screen size .They are limited to the size of the watch face,which is not useful for many of the functions used on a smartphone.They are a valid companion for a smartphone.A phone watch linked to your smart phone, means you can have always at hand the basic functions of your delicate and expensive smartphone, while it is safely in your pocket or handbag.The watch function will be retained on phone watches of all types but this only secondary  to them being a communication device or fashion jewellery.

The best place to buy a watch phone is AMAZON.They offer the largest selection with the most reviews for these watches.

UP by Jawbone……one to watch out for.

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Luxury watches i class in a price range over $ 400.00.All the watches on this page can be bought from different sources.
Directly from the producer or from an authorized dealer,(this will entitle you to the full manufactures warranty),buy an original watch from grey market stores(no manufacturers warranty,only instore warranty but large savings on cost).Other sources for buying luxury watches will offer even greater savings but will have no warranty,probably old stock or used products(Auctions,stock wharehouses, private collectors). One of the easiest places to check out all of these sources and compare the savings on a particular expensive watch is AMAZON




Keeping time has never been more fun! Here you can be sure to find the highest quality brand named wrist watches from all the most popular and luxurious brands. Not only that but we offer all these fantastic products at only a fraction of the cost.
Our number one aspiration is to use our love and expertise of brand name watches to offer the upmost professional service and work hard to provide our customers only the best wrist watches and keep the cost to the very minimum.
We enjoy what we do and are enthusiastic about finding the best products for our customers just try us and you will see for yourself.


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WATCHES:what is the future for wrist watches?

Once upon a time, wrist watches were worn by everybody that could afford one, and i’m not talking about too long ago. Everybody needed a watch to track the time of day, especially if there were no clocks to refer to. This necessity to have a watch no longer exists since most people now have mobilephones or smartphones with a time/date function incorporated to tell the time. The main reason for buying a watch, which was for telling the time has gone. Today watches are bought mainly for the function incorporated in particular types of watches.For example, a deep sea diver will need a waterresistant watch of quality to control his emmersion times.A runner will buy a sports watch with tachymeter or chronograph functions,to control his perfomances. A cross country trekker or mountaineer may need a watch with compass or altimeter functions and be waterproof.Functions which a mobile phone can’t as yet provide efficiently.The future of normal wrist watches is very grim ,as these will be replaced by the new phonewatches on sale now. Phonewatches which are the same in size as normal wrist watches but are connected to your smartphone via bluetooth, giving access to your most used phone functions without the need to hold the bulky phone in your hand. The smartphone can be kept in your pocket or handbag, and taken out, and used only when you don’t use your Wristphone.
If your not buying a watch for its main function,which is telling the time, and you don’t need a particular specialised function on the watch.What are going to be the main criteriors for buying a wrist watch?.Watches have become only a fashion accessory.This means that for mens watches and more so for womens watches, they will take more the aspects of jewellery than for actual quality timepieces.A lot of bracelet type watches and also a lot of Bangle type watches on sale for both men and women .Since only the aspects of wrist watches become important,the traditional low quality watch will dissappear leading to an increase in replica watches being bought,since time keeping is not important only its look.

Looking to buy a phone watch or bangle watch try these links

Burg Wrist Watch Cell Phone

Mobile Phone Watch – GSM Multimedia Phone Watch

Dolce & Gabbana Watch INTELLIGENCE DW0256, Color: Black, Size: One Size

Brand name watch servicing or use independant watchmaker?

Mechanical watches, unlike quartz models require regular maintenance to continue working perfectly for years.Without this sevice the lubricants in mechanical watches deteriorate and the internal moving parts start to wear out, leading to, initially bad time keeping, and then to total failure.Electronic quartz watches that have no moving parts don’t need servicing, but quartz movement watches with moving parts are subject to the same problems as mechanical or automatic movement watches.Obviosly if your watch has a low value then servicing is either a diy thing or dont bother, run your watch till it drops and then buy another. Servicing a watch can be a very expensive thing to do, especially from name brand servicing centres. Example:to service an Omega watch can cost from $400 for a quartz model upto $800 for more complicated watches.This includes replacing all the necessary parts to ensure perfect or as new working condition. A full service on a Rolex includes changing many parts and all the rubber seals and undergoes many tests to make sure it runs like new, can cost you more than $700.When you send your watch to be serviced by the brand service,they will replace all necessary parts,even if they are still in good condition,to ensure your watch works perfectly for the next 3-5 years and this work is usually covered by a years guarantee and therefore can be expensive.Most watch manufactures reccomend sevicing every 3-5 years.For the luxury watches, servicing is almost obbligatory to keep up the value of the watch. As the value of the watch drops ,one has to balance the benefits of expensive in house brand servicing with all its guarantees or opt for servicing by an independant watch servicer.The independant watch repairer will charge you for the level of service you request.This can be from cleaning and lubricating only, and upto a full service replacing all worn parts.But there wont be any guarantee on parts not exchanged.As the watch value lowers, real watch servicing, becomes harder to justify.It may be easier to replace the whole watch mechanism than replace single worn parts when servicing costs are low. Watches under $150 usually as far as servicing goes is limited to cleaning and lubricating by independant repairers.
To recapitulate; main brand dealer servicing is best but at a high cost and only worth doing on expensive watches. Middle priced watches ,get an estimate for the work to be carried out before servicing by an independant, explaining exactly what they will do to your watch in their service. Watches between $70-$150 only have cleaned and lubricated,and when they break replace the whole mechanism or buy a new watch.Under$70 only clean or diy servicing.