what is grey market? , also known as parallel market, is the trade of a commodity through distribution channels which, while legal, are unofficial,unauthorized, or unintended by the original manufacturer.


WHAT ARE GREY MARKET WATCHES? These are watches that are old stock or over stock from authorized dealers passed to wholesalers at a discount price. The authorized dealers are restricted to selling watches near  to or at the manufacturers retail price, and often find themselves with stock they can’ t sell


WHY BUY A GREY MARKET WATCH?  The main reason is the 25-50% saving or giving you the possibility to buy a better quality, better built watch, that will last longer.


WHAT DO YOU GET BUYING GREY MARKET WATCHES? The watch may be identical as the one sold in authorized shops, strap and box with warranty card also. But the card will not be signed and stamped by the seller  thus making the manufacturer’s warranty void. The savings buying this type of watch should cover any repairs. To offset this some sellers give their own in-store warranties to replace the manufacturer’s warranty. That’s great for lower end market watches but for the luxury end it can be risky. Your expensive  ROLEX could be repaired by a non expert unauthorized service repairer using non original parts ,which may cause your watch to lose value. So it’s best to pay and have it repaired by an authorized  repair service. The watch you buy will have all  its original identification markings such as serial number, new and , in perfect working condition. Buy only from well established sellers. This will ensure that you don’t lose your money( ending  up with a fake or stolen watch with the serial numbers filed off).Many use very secure payment methods and offer a returns policy. Before buying your watch do your research on the watch. Internet is a good place to start. If in doubt about a watch have the serial number checked out ,and check the vendors credentials before buying .Doing as much research as possible will avoid any surprises buying watches on line

WHERE TO BUY GREY MARKET WATCHES: here that follows is a brief list of some of the most reputable places to buy grey market watches on line in no order of preference.

AMAZON.COM…………………. great for under$200 purchases ,reliable shipping and no hassle returns policy.………. established, insured shipping next day delivery ,good stock…..good selection

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