Tourbillon is the name of a type of watch mechanism, invented by A.L.Breguet(1801). A mechanism to counteract the negative effects of gravity on timepeices, resulting in a more accurate and regular movement.The principle of this type of watch is that the watch regulator parts are inserted in a structure that revolves around itself, generally once a minute.This type of movement is used on some of the most beautiful and expensive watches on the market today.Since this movement is beautiful to watch,the mechanism is usually visible in a window on the face side of the watch.Similar but not to be confused with skeleton watches.

Tourbillon watches are mechanical watches with manual or automatic winding mechanisms.Immitation tourbillon have quartz movements inside and immitation front view window

The swiss made and manufacturer in house tourbillon mechanisms are only found on the top end market for watches with prices very high.There are only a few mid price range watch manufacturers using swiss parts with prices around $6000.

For watches with real tourbillon mechanisms under $1500 the choice is limited to only a few manufacturers.These will have in general good quality parts with japanese or chinese origin.


Another source of good quality tourbillon watches is from china from a few expert quality manufacturers such as ‘Perpetual’ and    ‘Longio’.With prices around $1000.They are much in demand and hard to get hold of

.Another source is the replica watch market but these tend to have  the chinese inferior quality mechanisms ,which is to be expected when prices are under $300.

All other watches that say they are turbillon and are under $100 are only skeleton or open heart watches and not tourbillon mechanisms

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