Replica Or Fake Watches:What you really need to know.

Replica watches are only external copies of brand name watches built with inferior materials. The case, glass and strap of the watch may look identical but are usually much inferior in quality. In poor replica’s the case may even be tin plate chromed instead of high grade steel. Steel used in some replicas are softer thus tending to scratch easier.Chromed items may discolour after a short time. The glass face also tend to be less scratch resistant. The strap will most certainly be of inferior quality,especially leather straps.Externally the watch may look identical but it will not last as long as the original.You’ll have a watch that looks great when new but won’t last long. As for the internal parts, this is where the difference is enormous.The original brand watches usually have expensive swiss made or in house made movements. Replica’s in general use china made replica’s of these mechanisms, of poor quality and poor time keeping. Sub- mariner replica’s are usually Not water resistant to any depth so can’t perform the same function. It is very rare to find a replica watch with a genuine swiss made mechanical or automatic movement, as these can cost from $150 to $500 alone to buy, a good giapponese quartz mechanism can cost between$50 and $100, and the china made copies of mechanical mechanisms around$30.If your replica watch is retailing at $150 don’t expect too much from the internals. Even the more expensive replicas wont give you so much of that extra quality.Replica watches don’t pretend to be anywhere near the quality  of the original, only in appearance.Fake watches on the other hand are different from replica’s as they try to trick you into thinking they are the real thing,both internally and externally.Copied very accurately and needing an expert eye to tell the difference, unscrupulous dealers try to palm these off as the original brand watch.This is why fake watches are illegal because they are being sold for something they’re not.Fraud.Replica watches are not out to cheat you, and therefore can be sold freely as they are infringements on copywright laws.The laws on replica watches can vary from nation to nation, so if your traveling to another nation wearing a replica watch, you have to be careful  that your not mistaken for importing a fake watch into that country.To be safe it’s best to leave replica watches at home.Airport customs are very strict on the importation of fake watches.Another drawback to replica watches is that , say to have the battery changed, or watch repaired, you cannot take it to authorized watchrepairers .You have to find an independant repairer or change the battery yourself.As you can see there are many drawbacks to replica watches and as i see it, if you can’t afford the new original, try looking for a good second hand used model, as this will always maintain its value,and end up being a better buy.If your still set on buying a replica watch, there are a few things  to do before buying, to ensure that the money you spend is protected.Only pay using paypal or credit card(if you dont receive watch, you can claim easily your refund.). Only buy from well established vendors online and check their credentials, recessions and as much info as possible on what your buying. Ask the vendor to send you all the details on the watch by email.Don’t buy just by looking at the ad photo,look at all the available photos. Check the returns policy carefully .Ask as many questions as you need before buying, so as to avoid dissappointments.There are many online sites for these watches, that you can check out(  and others).

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