things to do before buying a watch on line.

Need to buy a new watch on line?Before you start , the following series of instructions will help you save time in your search, and conclude with a satisfactory purchase.Before browsing through pages upon pages of offers on watches, take pen and paper and answer  these few questions to reduce your search time by75%.

  1. Why do you need a new watch?                                 (suggestions;personal use/a gift/collector/etc….Old watch broken that’s not worth fixing……)
  2.  What’s the price range your willing to pay?                                            (This is your biggest time saver in your search.Use the search  by price filter on the watch site.)
  3. What type of watch are you looking for?                                         ..(e.g     Category: luxury watch,swiss watch, mans or womans  watch,armywatch,sportswatch,chronometer, chronograph,stop watch , army watch,particular brand name watch,replica watch etc….)

4.   Are you willing to buy from overseas on line stores?                                (if yes; check if  there  are any extra shipping costs or import duty charges.) Answered these four simple questions, you can now search for the watch your looking for.

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