Watch Phone

The watch phone. Will it replace your normal wristwatch? Things are changing rapidly.They are no longer just mini cell phones strapped to your wrist, but valid looking watches or bracelet watches with phone capabilities of their own or linked to your normal smartphone.Since these watches are becoming more fashion conscious in their design, they are rapidly increasing in demand.The bulky digital style watch will fade away and in its place will be elegant designer phone watches or bracelet type phone watches.

The main problem that phone watches cannot overcome, to replace smartphones completely is the screen size .They are limited to the size of the watch face,which is not useful for many of the functions used on a smartphone.They are a valid companion for a smartphone.A phone watch linked to your smart phone, means you can have always at hand the basic functions of your delicate and expensive smartphone, while it is safely in your pocket or handbag.The watch function will be retained on phone watches of all types but this only secondary  to them being a communication device or fashion jewellery.

The best place to buy a watch phone is AMAZON.They offer the largest selection with the most reviews for these watches.

UP by Jawbone……one to watch out for.

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