WATCHES:what is the future for wrist watches?

Once upon a time, wrist watches were worn by everybody that could afford one, and i’m not talking about too long ago. Everybody needed a watch to track the time of day, especially if there were no clocks to refer to. This necessity to have a watch no longer exists since most people now have mobilephones or smartphones with a time/date function incorporated to tell the time. The main reason for buying a watch, which was for telling the time has gone. Today watches are bought mainly for the function incorporated in particular types of watches.For example, a deep sea diver will need a waterresistant watch of quality to control his emmersion times.A runner will buy a sports watch with tachymeter or chronograph functions,to control his perfomances. A cross country trekker or mountaineer may need a watch with compass or altimeter functions and be waterproof.Functions which a mobile phone can’t as yet provide efficiently.The future of normal wrist watches is very grim ,as these will be replaced by the new phonewatches on sale now. Phonewatches which are the same in size as normal wrist watches but are connected to your smartphone via bluetooth, giving access to your most used phone functions without the need to hold the bulky phone in your hand. The smartphone can be kept in your pocket or handbag, and taken out, and used only when you don’t use your Wristphone.
If your not buying a watch for its main function,which is telling the time, and you don’t need a particular specialised function on the watch.What are going to be the main criteriors for buying a wrist watch?.Watches have become only a fashion accessory.This means that for mens watches and more so for womens watches, they will take more the aspects of jewellery than for actual quality timepieces.A lot of bracelet type watches and also a lot of Bangle type watches on sale for both men and women .Since only the aspects of wrist watches become important,the traditional low quality watch will dissappear leading to an increase in replica watches being bought,since time keeping is not important only its look.

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